Hey! Are you a people's pleaser? If so...

Learn to set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty in just 60 days

  • Find inner peace and balance
  • Be authentic with the people around you
  • Increase your self-confidence
Spiritual growth
Healthier relationships
Increased confidence
Balanced lifestyle

Does this sound like you?

This is for you, if you ever feel like

  • People say you are too sensitive
  • You feel anxious in crowds
  • You can feel other people's emotions
  • You often feel drained and tired with no energy left for yourself
  • You need alone time to re-energize after spending time in social crowds
If you said "yes" to one or more of these, you are in the right place.

But first, let me tell you the story of Mary M.

See if you can relate to this...

Meet the empath, Mary!

Mary is a very loving person. She is known for being compassionate, caring and always there for her friends and family.

She puts other's needs ahead of hers, to a point where she forgets about her own.

Whenever she wants to say "no" to helping someone, she feels guilty.

Therefore, she is unable to establish healthy boundaries with her relationships. 

She is also very connected to other peoples' energy and has difficulty establishing healthy boundaries leaving her tired and overwhelmed.

But here's the problem...

She's struggling with finding balance

This ability makes it tough for her to protect her energy, while at the same time remaining authentic and kind.

Mary is a helper by nature.

But she struggles a lot to find balance between helping others and having time and space for herself.

Mary is an Empath.

Luckily for Mary, and you, we've solved this.

Introducing, The "Free to Be You" Method

The Free to Be You Coaching Program is designed to help empaths own their personality and make the most of it.

Step one


Understand your personality and how it impacts your relationships

Step two

Being present

The art of being present as well as being whole and enough unto yourself

Step three

Your calling

How to embrace your calling, find balance and truly thrive as an empath

Your roadmap to balance, health, peace of mind and success

Follow our proven system

Module 1


Be able to communicate boundaries from a win-win perspective

Module 2


Learn how to be a conscious thinker and understand what you are responsible for

Module 3

Inner Child Work

Focus on your feelings and stop trying to fix others or make them feel better 

Module 4

Guiding System

Learn how to validate yourself and understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy guilt

Why is this Your Best Option?

The Benefits of Working With Us

Better Health
Inner Calm

The Face Behind Free To Be You

I started my journey of sharing compassion and acceptance toward all beings when I worked as a Probation Officer in Canada. I helped transform thousands of people’s lives over the course of my 20 year career.

During that time, I coached and mentored other colleagues and spent the majority of my career providing psycho-educational groups for people who needed to grow awareness of their addictions, relationships, thinking, and overall self-care.
I am  a single mother of a 14 year old daughter, a dancer, a DJ, and a former CFL Cheerleader.

My purpose is to help elevate the consciousness of those who are seeking personal transformation. As an expert in human behaviour, I have a keen understanding of how people change.
I have also proven to be the ultimate change maker in thousands of people's lives.

In May 2020, I decided to go global with my mission to empower highly sensitive people. Back then I shot my first video on the popular social media app "TikTok"

A few months later, I was inspired to leave my government job to follow my life mission:

Help people from all over the world grow their self awareness and cause huge shifts in their lives.

My TikTok account has now grown to over 350K Followers and within a few years I have experienced success with many videos reaching over 1M views.

My Instagram following is now over 50K followers including Sharon Stone, Debra Messing, and Tia Mowry.

Empaths are often introverted and need alone time to re-energize themselves. Learn How With Us!

What you Get when You Enroll?

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Your 8 Week Blueprint
1 on 1 Weekly Calls
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Ready to Establish Healthier Relationships?

Today is Your Chance to Start!

Being an empath is great!

Your nature is to help others and be there for your loved ones.

But you need to do this in a healthy way, learning how to say no and asking for help when needed.

Let me guide you in this process and help you become the best version of yourself!
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